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Cassbeth addresses your every need. Instead of complicated sites that weave you around and confuse you so much that you just want to pull the plug on your machine, come to Cassbeth. Cassbeth prides itself on addressing typical family needs in a simple and elegant shopping experience. Quantity is not what we are about. There is too much noise in todays hectic world. If you want thousands of products, visit your local shopping malls. If you want a pleasurable stroll thru a sane cyber shop then check out our little strip of cyber real estate Mall Floor Plan. I'm sure you and your family will enjoy and visit us again.

Gardening Shop

CassBeth welcomes you to our Garden shop featuring barbecues, birds, cleanup, clothing gear, garden tools, lawn equipment, lawn watering, lighting, patio furniture, pest control, planters, ponds, storage, and many other great lawn garden and patio items.

Gourmet Cooking Stuff

Our Gourmet Cooking shop features bar tools, blenders juicers, coffee pots, cookie cutters, cutting boards, espresso makers, glasses, grinders, knives, meat tools, mixers, pots pans, pressure cookers, tea pots, toasters, vegetables fruit, bar tools, blenders juicers, la lal lalalalala.

Tools Galore

SOooo you think that Internet shopping is just for that half of the population that is soft and gushy. Well, move on over, you folks with that missing Y chromosome. It is now time for the males to get some say on the matter of real serious shopping on the big brain. That is right, TOOLS for men! Okay, and some women too.

CassBeth in association with Amazon.com has a wide selection of electronics. From 35mm cameras to digital cameras, from cassette walkmans to diskmans. We have palm pilots, digital cameras, APS cameras, personal communications radios, discmans, walkmans, TV watchmans, GPS units, short wave radios and other electronic gadgets.

Wide selection of music. Rock, jaza, pop, contemporary, oldies, blues, country, movie sound tracks. You name it, you can find. Check our our selections or search for that special title, group, or song.

Wide selection of first run DVD and VHS format videos. Action, adventure, animation, children's, comedy, crime, documentary, drama, film noir, foreign, horror, karaoke, music, musicals, mystery, romance, science fiction, fantasy, thriller, war, western.

Cassbeth loves Hollywood. Your favorite stars in their best films, best music, and wonderful books all about them and their work. Frank Sinatra, Doris Day, John Wayne, Clint Eastwood, Harrison Ford, Barbara Striesand and many others that we all love.

A great collection of movies for about and containing the word Angels. VHS - DVD from old to new. We have it for you. So stop in and find your Angel movie.

Cassbeth offers a wide selection of accessories for your cellular phone. We offer cellular phone accessories such as batteries, battery savers, chargers, leather cases, replacement antennas, hands free kits, mounting kits and many other wonderful items for most  cellular phones and beepers. Just click on our sign to enter the shop.

Shop at Cassbeth Sports for baseball, basketball, fitness, hockey, outdoor, golf apparel, equipment, footwear, gear from Marmot, Callaway, Champion, Hi-Tec, Royal Robbins, Cobra Golf, TaylorMade, you name it we've got it.

We have a wide selection of books and some video tapes. Topics include patents, copy rights, science fiction, Dr Who tapes, collectables, kids stuff, engineering, and some religion.

A great selection of books about art and for artists. We even have some very high priced books that will blow you away.

Climb aboard the TARDIS with your favorite Doctors, William Hartnell, Patrick Troughton, Jon Pertwee, Tom Baker, Peter Davison, Colin Baker, and Sylvester McCoy. Also included are the feature movies starring Peter Cushing. These are the VHS releases in the United States, all in NTSC format.

The original TV Star Trek series, Star Trek Cartoon Series, the great follow on TV series Star Trek the Next Generation, Star Trek Deep Space Nine, and the Star Trek Movies. Your favorite crew members, captain Kirk, Bones, Spock, Lieutenant Ohura, Checkov, and many other memorable Star Trek characters.

Red Dwarf Videos. The fantastic, wonderful, and unbelievable science fiction British television program. Produced by the BBC, Red Dwarf is great stuff. This show will increase your level of consciousness to such a high level, that you will be useless to everyone on earth.

One the largest selection of alien, UFO, and abductions books, videos, and DVDs, on the planet. Area 51, bug eyed grays, men in black, flying saucers, gravity magnifiers, worm holes, colonization plans, implants, you name it we have main stream literature and videos on the subject.

Check out our great selection of software products - thousands of titles from hundreds of publishers, including Adobe, Lotus, McAfee, Microsoft, Qualcomm, Sun Microsystems, Symantec, Sierra and The Learning Company.

Like CassBeth, Elizandra is a great shopping destination filled with hundreds of shopping links and a nice simple town like atmosphere with products that make sense.

CassBeth in association with Office Max has one of the largest selections of office supplies on the planet. At your finger tips you have access to paper, pens, pencils, computers, scanners, printers, telephones, office machines, office furniture and more... ink jet cartridges, toner, lamps, artist supplies, we just can't list all that is available.

Wonderful photographs from  Philadelphia, the Jersey shore, southern California, Florida, Egypt and Australia. Come check out these wonderful limited edition gems and bring stimulation to that other half of your brain and soul. Just click on our sign to enter the shop.

CassBeth is proud to offer excellent collectables starting with Limoges Porcelain Figurines from France. Each piece is entirely hand made and hand painted. It is signed and numbered by the artist. Each piece is gift boxed and accompanied by a numbered certificate of authenticity. Just click on our sign to enter the shop.

CassBeth proudly presents hand crafted, Russian  Brooches. Each jewelry piece is carefully hand painted by authentic Russian artists. The brooches are specially designed with Russian tradition in mind, then they are painted and sealed with a lacquer glaze.

Greg's Train Refurbishing specializes in rejuvenating your train track and refurbishing your train cars at exceptionally low prices. Train car refurbishing includes repairing cracks, replacing missing plastic, and repainting.

Its simple. If we like it then we make it available to you and yours. Some of the gifts are truely unique, and others are just great. Some are real cheap and others will burn a hole in your wallet. Bottom line is we shop for our family and here it is... Just click on our sign to enter the shop.

Cassbeth has a wide selection of collectible gifts coming online. Many price ranges from semi production pieces to one of a kind artist pieces. Materials include glass, wood, clay, brass, wood. Items include dolls, stuffed animals, stained glass, crystal, pottery, and miniatures.

Collectible eggs make treasured gifts that can be passed down through the generations. Throughout history, eggs have been honored by every culture as symbols of birth and new life. It is believed that an egg embodies the natural energies of life, vitality and gusto! It is said to bring good luck to its owner.

CassBeth jewelry cyber shop offers fun Porcelain Jewelry  from Appl Pye. Each piece is entirely hand made and hand painted. We have button posts, posts/dangles, clips, and pins.

Seattle's Finest Gourmet Coffee has built its reputation by roasting 100% arabica gourmet coffee for coffee shops, espresso bars and up-scale restaurants in the northwest. CassBeth is proud to announce our online retail outlet and relationship with Seattle's Finest Gourmet. Dedicated in bringing the best and freshest coffee and espresso beans direct to your house.

Whether you're an absolute beginner or an insufferable wine snob, you'll find something here for you. Our ever-changing wine selection ranges from inexpensive everyday wines to cellar-worthy masterpieces.

CassBeth is gathering a great selection of dolls for everyone. We start with beautiful button dolls and continue with porcelean dolls. We have many themes and ethnic backgrounds - Ukrainian, Russian, Polish, Italian, Spanish, Bohemian, Amish, African, German, Irish and more.

CassBeth is delighted to offer stained glass information. When Louis Comfort Tiffany presented his artistic lamps at the Paris Exposition in 1900, they were described as light concealed behind jewels.



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Industrial Office Park

We provide a variety of Internet services, including posting your retail, office, or industrial business on one of our Cassbeth cyber parks. There is a program for everyone. For as little as $10 per month you can have a web presence within 3 days, including free content development.

Check out our great selection of software products - thousands of titles from hundreds of publishers, including Adobe, Lotus, McAfee, Microsoft, Qualcomm, Sun Microsystems, Symantec, Sierra and The Learning Company.

CassBeth in association with Office Max has one of the largest selections of office supplies on the planet. At your finger tips you have access to paper, pens, pencils, computers, scanners, printers, telephones, office machines, office furniture and more... ink jet cartridges, toner, lamps, artist supplies, we just can't list all that is available.

Investing Information

There are thousands of Internet links that address investing needs. We have prepared a set of Investing links and investing references that are the best - anywhere. Check out our view of the market and our collection of industry watch links.

Travel The World

Going someplace special, business, pleasure, or vacation. Are you visiting family or friends. Going back home, back to school, or work. Let CassBeth along with Travelocity.com help you with your travel plans. Book a flight, rent a car, reserve a hotel. We can help you with all of it, even train reservations. So go for it - check out our place.

Community Center

Free Greeting Cards
from CassBeth

Send free greeting & post cards to your friends, husband, wife, kids, parents, significant other, employees, customers, or anyone else you think deserves a greeting & post card from you.

The CassBeth Messenger is a column that addresses the concerns of the average shopper. The topics include technology, life, family, business, kids, politics, and anything else that may be of interest to you and your family.

Wreath Day is the ideal event for neighborhood associations, church groups, block parties, and parties in general. Everyone participates, husbands, wives, kids, and the family pets.

W&J Bar and Restaurant is a traditional old time bar where good friends meet. For over 32 years the current owners have  proudly served wine, beer, liquor, food, soda, entertainment, relaxation, and a peaceful environment to Philadelphians and their visitors.

This is the best home page on the planet! Packed with all the search capabilities, information, and links that you and you family need to help you navigate the web and get through your busy day. Make this your startup page today. You will not regret it tomorrow.

Have something to sell, have something to buy, CassBeth classifieds is one of the best ways to sell or buy merchandise from people just like you. From antiques to sport memorabilia, we can help you with your sale or search.

Cassbeth, as an associate of Amazon.com places at your finger tips the largest selection of books, movies including DVDs, and music on the planet. Sit back and check out some of CassBeths favorites or go directly to Amazon.com. Our book topics include patents, copy rights, science fiction, collectables, kids stuff, engineering, and some religion.

Cassbeth is a collection of retail shops and industrial companies providing goods, services, and information via the Internet. We are organized by shopping center and industrial office park. Our primary business is selling Cassbeth products via the internet, offering Internet presence for Non-Cassbeth retail and industrial concerns on the Cassbeth site, and providing Internet services for the same external retail and industrial office park concerns. These services include developing simple Web pages to processing orders and E-Mail.

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