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The astronomer Percival Lowell claimed he had found evidence of artificial canals and intelligent life, even though his telescopes showed Mars as little more than a blurry dot. In 1894, he founded the Lowell Observatory near Flagstaff, Ariz., and for more than a decade charted dark markings he saw as waterways enveloped by dense foliage, somewhat like the Nile. Mars by Percival Lowell

Today, Mars probes like Mariner 4 and the Mars Global Surveyor have let scientists make millions of close-up observations and discoveries, including dry river beds hinting at past that suggests a live planet. Mars is the most Earthlike planet in the solar system and a close neighbor, being the next world out. It gets less sunshine than Earth and is relatively cold. Its polar caps and changing seasons, resulting from an axial tilt like that of Earth's, have long made it a world of dreams. Mars Exploration Program

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"Happy Face" Crater Picture
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Mars Face
What Face On Mars?
"Face on Mars" Pictures and Comparisons
Original "Face on Mars" Image
Mars Orbiter Camera Views "Face on Mars"
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Digital Imagery Analysis of Unusual Martian Surface Features
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Viking "Face on Mars" Gallery
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Mars Global Surveyor
Mars Global Surveyor official NASA site
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Global Surveyor Movies and Animations
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Mars Orbital Camera
SF Gate: Missions to Mars

Mars Polar Lander
Mars Polar Lander official site
The Failed Mars Mission
Mars Polar Lander Mars Volatiles and Climate Surveyor (MVACS)
Mars Polar Lander and Deep Space 2
Online NewsHour: Mars Polar Lander

Curious Martian Anomalies

Mars Climate Orbiter
Mars Climate Orbiter official NASA site
Mars Orbiter: What May Have Happened
Mars Orbit Insertion Fact Sheet
First Climate Orbiter Photo

Mars Pathfinder
Mars Pathfinder official NASA
Mars Pathfinder Project Information
Spacezone: Mars Pathfinder
SpaceViews: Mars Pathfinder: Images
National Geographic: Return to Mars
SF Gate: Missions to Mars

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News Stories
Mars Odyssey skips first course correction CNN (Apr 13, 2001)
Mars Odyssey Launch Precise AP (Apr 13, 2001)
With Odyssey aloft, future is now for team members Denver Post (Apr 10, 2001)
NASA says Mars mission off to a good start CNN (Apr 10, 2001)
Bush budget boosts Mars, douses Pluto, Earth CNN (Apr 10, 2001)
Balloons in Space San Francisco Chronicle (Apr 9, 2001)
NASA may have to rob Pluto to pay for exploration of Mars Houston Chronicle (Apr 9, 2001)
Mars Odyssey Takes Off for Red Planet Washington Post (Apr 8, 2001)
Odyssey spacecraft heads to Mars in search of water Spaceflight Now (Apr 8, 2001)
Mars Orbiter Carries Hopes for Redeeming Space Program - Los Angeles Times (Apr 8, 2001)
The Meaning of Life and Microbes - Wired News (Apr 7, 2001)
NASA Releases New Mars Images - AP (Apr 7, 2001)
New Martian odyssey begins - Spaceflight Now (Apr 7, 2001)
Mars launch has NASA a bit nervous - The Philadelphia Inquirer (Apr 7, 2001)
Mars Odyssey on Way to Red Planet - Reuters (Apr 7, 2001)
Mars mission lifts off - BBC (Apr 7, 2001)
Liftoff: Mars Odyssey en route to Red Planet - Houston Chronicle (Apr 7, 2001)
Odyssey probe blasts off for Mars - CNN (Apr 7, 2001)
Mars Odyssey Scheduled for Liftoff - AP (Apr 7, 2001)
Mars Odyssey ready to go - BBC (Apr 7, 2001)
For NASA, another Mars shot - Boston Globe (Apr 7, 2001)
With Mars Launch, NASA and JPL Seek to Regain Pride and Prestige - Los Angeles Times (Apr 7, 2001)
New research discounts Mars ocean evidence - Spaceflight Now (Apr 7, 2001)
NASA Returns to Mars - Discovery Online (Apr 6, 2001)
New Mars odyssey about to begin - CNN (Apr 6, 2001)
Space Weather Worry for Mars Odyssey Launch -! News (Apr 6, 2001)
NASA Set for New Mars Mission to Find Water - Reuters (Apr 6, 2001)
Mars Mission 'Can't' Fail Again - (Apr 6, 2001)
Mars' Missing Ocean: A New Look at the Northern Plains - (Apr 5, 2001)
Red planet water wars waged before Mars odyssey - CNN (Apr 4, 2001)
Mars Attacks? Protecting Earth From Off-World Infections - (Apr 4, 2001)
Chastened, NASA Readies New Mars Craft - NY Times (registration req'd) (Apr 3, 2001)
Mars Or Bust - CBS News. (Apr 2, 2001)
Exotic CO2 process may have carved Martian gullies - Spaceflight Now (Apr 2, 2001)
Doubts over water on Mars - BBC (Apr 2, 2001)
NASA pins hopes on Mars probe - Houston Chronicle (Apr 2, 2001)
Liquid CO2, Not Water, Likely Created Martian Gullies - UniSci (Apr 2, 2001)
NASA Returning to Mars With Anxiety and Hope - Washington Post (Apr 2, 2001)
A new Martian odyssey is about to begin - Spaceflight Now (Mar 30, 2001)
Mars Rock Return Mission Planned by British - (Mar 27, 2001)
NASA and military continue search for Mars Polar Lander - Spaceflight Now (Mar 27, 2001)
UK mulls mission to collect Mars rocks - CNN (Mar 27, 2001)
Mars or Europa: The ET Debate - (Mar 27, 2001)
Martian Gullies Carved by CO2? - Discovery Online (Mar 23, 2001)
NASA 'skeptical' images show Mars Polar Lander - CNN (Mar 22, 2001)
Mars Polar Lander: NASA and NIMA at Odds Over Spy Agency Findings - (Mar 22, 2001)
Spy-Analysis Agency Says It May Have Found Lost Mars Lander - NY Times (registration req'd) (Mar 21, 2001)
Spy Agency May Have Located Mars Polar Lander - (Mar 20, 2001)
Spacecraft Headed For Mars In April - San Francisco Chronicle (Mar 20, 2001)
2001 Mars Odyssey: A Solid Mission - (Mar 16, 2001)
Secrets to Mars Water Hidden in Volcanic Remains - (Mar 15, 2001)
Scientists Evaluate a 'New Mars' - (Mar 15, 2001)
Mars Global Surveyor (MGS) is forcing a reexamination and revision of theories about Mars' past and present - (Mar 14, 2001)
Volcanoes may have played role in Martian life - Spaceflight Now (Mar 14, 2001)
Report: Mars volcanoes possibly still active - CNN (Mar 14, 2001)
Forgotten Moons: Phobos and Deimos Eat Mars' Celebrity Dust - (Mar 13, 2001)
Two Old Mars Volcanoes Hint At Possibility Of Life - UniSci (Mar 13, 2001)
Volcanoes on Mars 'may be active' - BBC (Mar 12, 2001)
The Solar System's Wildest, Wackiest and Worst Weather - (Mar 6, 2001)

Opinion & Editorials
A return to the red planet Grand Rapids Press (Apr 11, 2001)
Trying mars again Boston Globe (Apr 6, 2001)
The red planet still has secrets Chicago Tribune (Jul 5, 2000)
Hints of life: How sugar and water help define our cosmos - Sacramento Bee (Jul 3, 2000)
The search for water hints at Mars aquifer - Abilene Reporter-News (Jun 29, 2000)
Think Bigger About Mars - (Jun 28, 2000)
Ready for a Dip on Mars? - Christian Science Monitor (Jun 26, 2000)
Water, flash floods and new possibilities for life on Mars - World Socialist Web Site (Jun 24, 2000)
Dowsing on Mars - Boston Globe (Jun 23, 2000)
Is There Life on Mars? - Irish Times (Jun 23, 2000)
Face on Mars Controversy - (Jun 14, 2000)
Deep Space on the Cheap - Washington Post (Mar 30, 2000)
Nasa's Course Correction - Christian Science Monitor (Mar 29, 2000)
NASA's Not Shining Moments - Scientific American (Jan 25, 2000)
Mars first, then the stars - Christian Science Monitor (Jan 4, 2000)
Not by an inch - Dallas Morning News (Jan 3, 2000)
Mars will be waiting - Seattle Times (Dec 10, 1999)
Hopes have faded, but NASA's future shouldn't - Dallas Morning News (Dec 9, 1999)
Red Planet, Red Faces - Time Daily. (Dec 7, 1999)
Mars stikes again - The Times (UK). (Dec 7, 1999)
Is Space the Place for Faster, Better, Cheaper? - (Dec 7, 1999)
Mars 2 - Earth 0 - BBC (Dec 6, 1999)
NASA's costly deviation on the way to Mars - U.S. News (Oct 6, 1999)
Wise Up, Japan and NASA - Christian Science Monitor (Oct 4, 1999)
The Mystifying Meter - San Francisco Chronicle (Oct 1, 1999)

Magazine Articles
Martian chronicles The Economist (Apr 5, 2001)
Martian invasion? Not yet The Economist (Apr 5, 2001)
How Mars Odyssey Will Work HowStuffWorks (Feb 27, 2001)
How Terraforming Mars Will Work - HowStuffWorks (Feb 27, 2001)
Mars - National Geographic (Jan 31, 2001)
The rocks remain - The Economist (Dec 7, 2000)
Mars: The Wet Planet? - Feed (Dec 7, 2000)
Is Chicken Little Alive on Mars? - by Gregory Benford. - (Jul 18, 2000)
Is Mars wet? - U.S. News (Jul 3, 2000)
Interview with 'Mars Czar' - Scott Hubbard, NASA Mars program director - (Jun 22, 2000)
NASA's Space Buggies May Someday Speed You to Mars - Business Week (Jun 20, 2000)
Liquid Water on Mars: The Story from Meteorites - Planetary Science Research Discoveries (May 25, 2000)
Scientific American Special Report: How to Go to Mars - Scientific American (Mar 9, 2000)

NASA scientist Dr Imre Friedmann "At the same time that life appeared on Earth, it also appeared on Mars" BBC (Feb 27, 2001)
Solo Rover Promises Flexibility in Exploration (Jul 28, 2000)
"Today is judgement day for NASA" BBC (Mar 28, 2000)
"One of the tests had not worked" - BBC (Mar 23, 2000)
"Mismanagement and incompetence" - BBC (Mar 23, 2000)
Jodrell Bank listens - BBC (Feb 2, 2000)
NASA Declares Mars Polar Lander Lost After Final Failed Contact Attempt - NPR (Dec 7, 1999)
Scientists await news from Mars probe - NPR (Dec 4, 1999)
NASA declares Mars Polar Lander lost after final failed contact attempt - NPR (Dec 3, 1999)
Mars Polar Lander prepares to touch down on Mars - NPR (Dec 3, 1999)
NASA's Richard Cook: We hope to hear from Climate Orbiter - BBC (Sep 23, 1999)

Breath Of Life From Mars? CBS (Feb 27, 2001)
Sedimentary rocks: "Such formations are common on Earth" BBC (Dec 5, 2000)
Animation of Mars Rover Spaceflight Now (Aug 11, 2000)
New rovers: "Landing will be the riskiest part" - BBC (Aug 10, 2000)
New pictures from Mars Global Surveyor's Orbiter camera - (Aug 3, 2000)
Animation of Martian topography - (Jun 22, 2000)
Nasa announces evidence of water on Mars - Spaceflight Now (Jun 22, 2000)
NASA finds Martian gullies suggesting water - BBC (Jun 22, 2000)
Nasa scientists Malin and Edgett on evidence of liquid water - BBC (Jun 22, 2000)
Evidence suggests free-flowing water on Mars - Online NewsHour (Jun 22, 2000)
Nasa finds evidence of water on Mars - NewsChannel2000 (Jun 22, 2000)
Satellite may have detected water - (Jun 21, 2000)
Nasa denies allegations - BBC (Mar 23, 2000)
"Where there was water there could also have been life" - BBC (Mar 10, 2000)
Chances for mission rescue slim - BBC (Dec 6, 1999)
Probing the surface - BBC (Dec 4, 1999)
The entry procedure (NASA simulation) - BBC (Dec 4, 1999)
Anxious faces at NASA mission control - BBC (Dec 4, 1999)
Man with a mission: Get to Mars and back - CNN (Dec 4, 1999)
Sounds of Mars - San Francisco Chronicle (Dec 3, 1999)
Controllers as they discover loss of control - BBC (Sep 23, 1999)
Mars has more in common w/ earth - BBC (Apr 30, 1999)
Animation -- Polar Lander mission - Detroit News (Jan 4, 1999)
Polar Lander launch - BBC (Jan 3, 1999)

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