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This survey is for everyone everywhere.

Since mid-2020 when it was disclosed that COVID-19 is airborne, the guidance has been to increase ventilation inside public spaces. However, do people know what increasing ventilation means and have they taken steps to properly increase ventilation. This survey attempts to answer these and other ventilation related questions. We are conducting this COVID-19 ventilation survey as part of our research efforts. The goal of this research is to help facility managers and others to improve their building airborne contagion mitigation plans and learn from others across various industries.

When dealing with airborne contagions like COVID-19 inside indoor spaces, the air must be exchanged at a certain rate per hour. This is called ACH and it is the Air Changes per Hour in a room. Both the CDC and WHO identified the ACH levels needed when there are airborne contagions in a room.

For example, on Hawaiian Airlines A330 flights to and from Hawaii and JFK, the passenger entertainment screen clearly shows that the cabin air is exchanged every 3 minutes and that the HEPA filters remove 99.99% of bacteria and viruses. The exchange of every 3 minutes is 20 ACH. The ventilation is always on at the gate, tarmac, taxi, runway, in flight, and not controlled by the passengers. Hawaiian Airlines exceeded the CDC ACH levels.

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If you are prevented from taking this survey or you do not care about ventilation, jump to the end and please let us know the reason in the Overall Comments at the end of the survey.

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We encourage you to forward this survey to others especially who may benefit or have more information that can support this research. Once again this survey is for everyone everywhere.

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