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A Systems Perspective

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About Us

My name is Walt and I am performing COVID-19 rapid response research from a systems perspective. I interact with various colleagues and other researchers to try and help address this disaster. This captures the body of work as it continues to expand. This research is not associated with any institution. About Cassbeth

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Walt Bio

Walt is an electrical engineer who became involved in systems engineering early in his career. He has over 43 years of systems experience working on large complex computer and communications systems for air traffic control, air defense, and communications. He has various papers published at technical conferences and is author of multiple books on systems engineering.

Walt was requested to provide his systems experience to university students and advised University of Pennsylvania undergraduate students on their senior year systems engineering projects. Sustainability was the focus and the projects included alternative power, automobile fuels, health care, and sustainable villages. He stopped the activity to support a Drexel request to help develop systems engineering curriculum and course content. He is one of the founding members of the Drexel Systems Engineering Program and is developer and subject matter expert for multiple Systems Engineering courses at Drexel University.

Authored Books:

  • COVID-19 A Systems Perpective, 2020
  • Privatization A Systems Perspective, 2019
  • Systems Engineering Design Renaissance, 2014.
  • Systems Practices as Common Sense, 2011.
  • Sustainable Development Possible with Creative System Engineering, 2008.


RCA Dining Philosophers Club

This is a group of engineers that formed at RCA in Camden NJ. All the club members through the decades are acknowledged. The members have varied through the years. Today the following folks are providing key information on this crisis: Bob M, Bob P, Pete, Cam S.

Special mention is Dr Peter. Pete came to the US to study systems engineering at University of Pennsylvania in 1962. After my serious corporate burnout circa 1995, he has been an inspiration for all of my systems work. His impact on the local Delaware Valley systems community is immeasurable.

Other Researchers

These are other professionals that I share information with, and we discuss various aspects of the COVID-19 pandemic. They are: Engineering colleagues, Pharmacists Dan (sterilization disinfection expert), teachers Carol, and others. Healthcare workers and teachers in my inner circle. Drexel COVID-19 research group and systems engineering faculty and the COVID-19 Healthcare Coalition.



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Systems Practices

Systems Design

Systems Perspective

System Architecture

Systems Software

This research is being performed using the memex. The memex was first conceived in 1945 in a paper called As We May Think. Since 1945 generations of engineers and scientists have worked tirelessly to make the memex a reality and you know it as the Internet. Its original purpose was to Educate and perform Research. E-commerce and social media came much later and many that used the Internet for Research and Education have died. The memex is being used by healthcare providers around the world to deal with the COVID-19 disaster in real time. Please forward the information  on this page to everyone everywhere.