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The CAB database has facility ventilation performance data. Everyone is encouraged to add facilities into the CAB. If you add your facility, you will be able to print and post a Clear Air Building Certificate showing your occupants that you care about the ventilation in your facility. Anyone can add a facility. Just make sure you have reasonable data before you make the entry. We will periodically check the entries.

The CAB database is linked to the ACH database. The ACH database has the ACH levels for each room or space in a facility. While the CAB is a summary of a facility the ACH has the details. For example, schools have dozens of rooms while a restaurant might only have one seating area as the room.

The intent of the CAB and ACH databases is to build awareness on the importance of Clean Air in all our buildings, airplanes, trains, busses, etc. The ventilation levels are displayed on smartphones, room panels, and building panels.

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