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Egg Harbor Township and FAA Tech Center

Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) William J. Hughes Technical Center History

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In 1942, Atlantic City Naval Air Station (NAS), located in Egg Harbor Township, New Jersey, Congressional District NJ-2, was constructed on 2,444 acres of leased private land. The mission of the air station was to train various air groups consisting of fighter, bomber, and torpedo squadrons and their crews for combat. In August 1943, Atlantic City NAS changed to only fighter training consisting of high and low altitude gunnery tactics; field carrier landings; arrested landings; catapult launchings; dive, glide, and live bombing; formation tactics; rocket work; fighter direction; night operations; and a complementary ground school. The Atlantic City NAS was transferred from the Navy to the Airways Modernization Board (AMB) in June 1958.

In November 1958, the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) took over operations of the AMB and The National Aviation Facilities Experimental Center (NAFEC) was founded July 1, 1958. The FAA expanded the former Naval land parcel to approximately 5,000 acres with a primary mission of responding and contributing to FAA research and development programs; testing and evaluating aviation concepts, procedures, and equipment; and assisting other departments of the agency with research, development, and implementation.  

NAFEC was renamed the FAA Technical Center (FAATC) in 1980 to reflect the new research, development, and test facility that replaced the previous Navy buildings. In 1996 the FAATC was renamed the William J. Hughes Technical Center in recognition of the work that Congressman William J. Hughes performed in preventing the center from being relocated out of its current location.

The current FAA parcel, known as the William J. Hughes Technical Center, accommodates air traffic, airway facilities, systems research and development, flight inspection personnel of the FAA, an office of the National Weather Service, the 177th Fighter-Interceptor Group of the New Jersey Air National Guard (NJANG), and serves as the Atlantic City International Airport. In addition, the South Jersey Transportation Authority (SJTA) leases portions of the facility from the FAA.

Economic Impacts

NAFEC / FAATC / The FAA Tech Center has been a key element in the local economy and a study was commission in 2005: Economic Impact of the William J. Hughes Technical Center on Southern New Jersey: Update 2015. Currently Stockton University is charged with developing the Stockton Aviation Research Park to augment the work being performed at the Tech Center.


Town Started Pop 2000 Pop 2010 Pop 2016 Description Records County
Egg Harbor Township 1693 30,726 43,323 43,504 Wikipedia Website
Snow Removal Policy
Linwood 1889 7,172 7,092 6,892 Wikipedia Website Atlantic
Somers Point 1693 11,614 10,795 10,545 Wikipedia Website Atlantic
Northfield 1905 7,725 8,624 8,410 Wikipedia Website Atlantic
Pleasantville 1889 19,012 20,249 20,492 Wikipedia Website Atlantic
Ocean City 1884 15,378 11,701 11,340 Wikipedia Website Cape May
Atlantic City 1854 40,517 39,558 38,735 Wikipedia Website Atlantic
Ventnor 1903 12,910 10,650 10,317 Wikipedia Website Atlantic
Margate 1885 8,193 6,354 6,142 Wikipedia Website Atlantic
Longport 1898 1,054 895 872 Wikipedia Website Atlantic
Upper Township 1798 12,115 12,373 11,976 Wikipedia Website Cape May
Avalon 1892 2,143 1,334 1,279 Wikipedia Website Cape May
Stone Harbor 1914 1,128 866 833 Wikipedia Website Cape May
Hamilton Township 1813 20,499 26,503 26,499 Wikipedia Website Atlantic
Galloway Township 1798 31,209 37,349 36,753 Wikipedia Website Atlantic
Cape May 1611 4,034 3,607 3,500 Wikipedia Website Atlantic

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