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Welcome to OuterSpaceShopper! An information and shopping destination like none on the Internet. The one and only portal to meet all your shopping, work, and outer space research needs. We are organized by shops that contain products that we would buy and use for our family. We also offer this great portal to search the web on any topic or to focus on our great theme here at OuterSpaceShopper.

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Have Fun With These Great Outer Space Links

Hubble Telescope
Space Telescope Science Institute official HST site
Discovery Channel: Hitchhiker's Guide to the Hubble
Hubble Space Telescope Project Science Office
Hubble Space Telescope Public Pictures
Greatest hits gallery.

Hubble Images
Hubble Telescope Public Pictures
Washington Post: Postcards from the edge
Hubble's Greatest Hits Hubble Gallery

Chandra X-Ray Observatory
Chandra X-Ray Observatory Center
NASA Chandra X-ray Observatory News
J-Track 2.5
Chandra Science
Chandra: The Man Behind The Name

Chandra Images
Crab Nebula Pictures
More Chandra Images
Still Images & Animations/Video

More Links...
Astronomy Picture Of The Day
Opinion & Editorials
Hubble Space Telescope
Black Holes
Chandra X-Ray Observatory
Solar and Heliospheric Observatory (SOHO)
Space-Based Telescopes

Black Holes Related Web Sites
Chandra news
W.M. Keck Observatory
Black Holes and Beyond
Black Holes FAQ
Falling into a Black Hole
Jillian's Guide to Black Holes
Stephen Hawking's Universe: Black Holes
UCLA Division of Astronomy and Astrophysics
Astronomy Picture of the Day: Black Holes
Virtual Trips to Black Holes and Neutron Stars


Yahoo! Clubs Categories
Black Holes
Stellar Phenomena

Live Net Events and Chat

Black Holes News Sources
Yahoo! News Search
Astronomy Now News
BBC Science News
CNN: Space
NASA Chandra X-ray Observatory News
Hubble Telescope and Chandra Observatory
Astronomy and Space News

Hubble News Sources
Hubble Space Telescope News
NASA Chandra News
New York Times: X-Ray Observatories
Astronomy Magazine
Astronomy and Space News

News Stories
Hubble Spots Mysterious Flash of Light on Jupiter (Apr 11, 2001)
Exploratorium Webcast On Hubble Telescope April 19-24 UniSci (Apr 10, 2001)
New Hubble Heritage Image Of Most Photogenic Galaxy UniSci (Apr 6, 2001)
Into the heart of the Whirlpool galaxy BBC (Apr 6, 2001)
Hubble reveals the heart of the Whirlpool Galaxy Spaceflight Now (Apr 6, 2001)
Galactic beauty a study in star power CNN (Apr 5, 2001)
Supernova found to confirm accelerating universe Spaceflight Now (Apr 3, 2001)
Oldest, Most Distant Supernova Discovered Once Again UniSci (Apr 3, 2001)
New Evidence Found to Back Universe \"Dark Energy' Theory San Francisco Chronicle (Apr 3, 2001)
Dark Energy Theory Bolstered Washington Post (Apr 3, 2001)
Farthest Supernova Detected, 'Dark Energy' Suspected - (Apr 2, 2001)
Report: Dark energy quickens universe expansion - CNN (Apr 2, 2001)
Young stars rock their cradle in Hubble pic - CNN (Mar 28, 2001)
Hubble: Nearby Stellar Nursery Birthing Massive Stars - (Mar 28, 2001)
Final crew members named to Hubble overhaul mission - Spaceflight Now (Mar 27, 2001)
Hubble spies huge clusters of stars formed in ancient crash - Spaceflight Now (Mar 9, 2001)
Chandra Reveals Curious Cavities in Galaxy Group - (Mar 7, 2001)
Chandra snaps remarkable image of galaxy group - Spaceflight Now (Mar 7, 2001)
Hubble sees stars after galactic collision - CNN (Mar 7, 2001)
Unknown Glitch, Possibly Phantom, Nags Hubble - (Mar 6, 2001)
Hubble Recovers from Glitch - (Mar 6, 2001)
'Barred' Spiral Galaxy Pic Highlights Stellar Birth - (Mar 2, 2001)
Hubble Shoots Remarkable Edge-On View Of Galaxy - UniSci (Mar 1, 2001)
Hubble Space Telescope spots a galaxy on the edge - Spaceflight Now (Mar 1, 2001)
Hubble snaps galaxy on the edge - CNN (Mar 1, 2001)
Hubble zooms in on beautiful spring spiral galaxy - Spaceflight Now (Feb 28, 2001)
Chandra Finds Most Distant X-Ray Cluster Of Galaxies - UniSci (Feb 21, 2001)
Hubble Space Telescope Website Shows Latest Images - UniSci (Feb 9, 2001)
Hubble Comes Across Cosmic Ant - Discovery Online (Feb 2, 2001)
'Giant ant' of space revealed by Hubble - The Times (UK) (Feb 2, 2001)
Ant-like space structure previews death of our Sun - Spaceflight Now (Feb 1, 2001)
Clues to Early Universe in Three New Hubble Space Telescope Images of Galaxies - (Jan 12, 2001)
Hubble finally may have proof black holes do exist - Spaceflight Now (Jan 12, 2001)
Hubble spots 'pipeline' between rowdy galactic neighbors - CNN (Jan 11, 2001)
Cat's Eye spy - BBC (Jan 10, 2001)
Seeing What Happens When Galaxies Go Bump In The Night - UniSci (Jan 10, 2001)
Hubble Captures Galaxies in Cosmic Connection - (Jan 10, 2001)
Bizarre Cat's Eye Nebula could see into our sun's future - CNN (Jan 9, 2001)
Chandra reveals the X-ray glint in the Cat's Eye nebula - Spaceflight Now (Jan 9, 2001)
Hubble Sees Huge Stellar Nursery in Nearby Galaxy - (Jan 5, 2001)
'X' marks star-forming spot in Hubble image - CNN (Jan 4, 2001)
Solar Tantrums Could Last Two More Years, Space Telescopes Feeling the Pain - (Dec 15, 2000)
Hubble sees satellite footprints in Jupiter aurora - Spaceflight Now (Dec 15, 2000)
Hubble: Moons Dance in Jupiter's Eerie Aurora - (Dec 14, 2000)
NASA’s Next Generation Space Telescope (NGST) is being revamped - (Dec 13, 2000)
Early Images From XMM-Newton Telescope on 1st Birthday - (Dec 12, 2000)
Four additional moons discovered orbiting Saturn - Spaceflight Now (Dec 11, 2000)
Hubble captures wispy decay of nebulous giant - CNN (Dec 7, 2000)
Star Strips Dust from Cloud in New Hubble Image of Barnard's Merope Nebula - (Dec 6, 2000)
Hubble Captures Interstellar Cloud Being Destroyed - UniSci (Dec 6, 2000)
Hubble rings a black hole - BBC (Nov 30, 2000)
Colorful New Hubble Image: Galactic Gas Ring - (Nov 30, 2000)
Hubble Snaps Image Of Powerful Nearby Active Galaxy - UniSci (Nov 30, 2000)
Hubble Space Telescope: Has NASA Learned Its Lessons? - (Nov 20, 2000)
Hubble sees lone neutron star streaking across galaxy (Nov 9, 2000)
Hubble observes fast-moving neutron star - CNN (Nov 9, 2000)
Chandra telescope catches a galactic football - Spaceflight Now (Nov 8, 2000)
Chandra sees 'cosmic traffic pile-up' - BBC (Nov 7, 2000)
Hubble gives a bird's eye view of galaxy collision - Spaceflight Now (Nov 3, 2000)
Hubble: Galaxies Collide, Stars Are Born - (Nov 3, 2000)

Magazine Articles
Hubble Space Telescope: Has NASA Learned Its Lessons? (Nov 20, 2000)

Hubble watches star birth BBC (Jun 15, 1999)

Nasa animation: shock wave smashes into stellar debris BBC (May 12, 2000)
See how the shuttle will grab hold of Hubble BBC (Nov 15, 1999)
NASA animation of supernova explosion BBC (Sep 22, 1999)

Black Holes News Stories
XEUS: A new concept in exploring X-ray Universe - Spaceflight Now (Apr 10, 2001)
Black hole excites astronomers - BBC (Mar 29, 2001)
Deepest Peek Into Space, Time Sees Black Holes - San Francisco Chronicle (Mar 14, 2001)
Universe Packed With Black Holes - Discovery Online (Mar 14, 2001)
Young Cosmos Was Full of Black Holes - Washington Post (Mar 14, 2001)
X-ray Observatory captures black holes - Baltimore Sun (Mar 14, 2001)
X-ray map finds universe teeming with black holes - CNN (Mar 13, 2001)
Detailed Study Shows Black Holes Abundant, Varied in Early Universe - (Mar 13, 2001)
Supermassive black hole found in nearby galaxy Spaceflight Now (Mar 9, 2001)
A Supermassive Black Hole in a Nearby Galaxy European Southern Observatory (Mar 8, 2001)
First Black Hole in Milky Way's Halo Found (Feb 26, 2001)
Huge Black Hole Found Above Milky Way Galactic Plane UniSci (Feb 26, 2001)
`Splashy Discovery' Is Made on the Inner Edge of a Black Hole NY Times (registration req'd) (Feb 20, 2001)
You can't have a galaxy without a black hole Spaceflight Now (Feb 19, 2001)
Many Galaxies Far, Far Away Harbor Huge Black Holes UniSci (Jan 31, 2001)
Black Hole On/Off Switch Fuels Feast or Famine (Jan 29, 2001)
Desktop Black Hole Possibly on the Horizon (Jan 23, 2001)
Desktop Black Holes To Resolve Physics Contradictions UniSci (Jan 22, 2001)
Gas clouds disappear into 'nothing' BBC (Jan 14, 2001)
Hubble finally may have proof black holes do exist Spaceflight Now (Jan 12, 2001)
Astronomers Peer Into Black Hole Washington Post (Jan 12, 2001)
Telescopes Capture the Work of a Black Hole NY Times (registration req'd) (Jan 12, 2001)
Unusual duo detected BBC (Jan 12, 2001)
Neutron Stars Shed Light on Black Holes (Jan 11, 2001)
Scientist Claims First Direct Evidence of Black Hole (Jan 11, 2001)
Possible First Direct Evidence That Black Hole Exist (Jan 11, 2001)
Black Holes More Powerful than Expected, And Still Growing (Dec 15, 2000)
Black holes said younger, meaner and more plentiful Spaceflight Now (Dec 13, 2000)
Black hole takes 'light snack' BBC (Dec 1, 2000)
Hubble rings a black hole BBC (Nov 30, 2000)
Collar of gas surrounds particle jet from black hole Spaceflight Now (Nov 9, 2000)
Galactic Wars: Black Hole Fights Giant Bubble (Nov 7, 2000)
Black Holes May Trigger High Stellar Birth Rates (Nov 7, 2000)
Black holes get an identity check Christian Science Monitor (Oct 19, 2000)
Astronomers Detect Surprising Cosmic Collision Near Black Hole (Sep 28, 2000)
Monstrous black hole found in center of the Milky Way Spaceflight Now (Sep 23, 2000)
New Clues to What Lies at Center of Earth's Galaxy San Francisco Chronicle (Sep 21, 2000)
Scientists look into Milky Way core BBC (Sep 20, 2000)
Scientists Pinpoint Milky Way Galaxy's Black Hole (Sep 20, 2000)
X-ray telescope to provide virtual journey to black hole Spaceflight Now (Sep 18, 2000)
Powerful X-Ray Telescope Will Peer Into Distant Black Holes (Sep 14, 2000)
Scientists to 'see' black hole BBC (Sep 14, 2000)
New Class of Black Hole Found Washington Post (Sep 13, 2000)
Astronomers Find a New Size of Black Hole NY Times (registration req'd) (Sep 13, 2000)
Chandra Spots Rare Medium-sized Black Hole (Sep 12, 2000)
Chandra telescope spots black hole 'missing link' CNN (Sep 12, 2000)
Baby Black Hole With Big Appetite Surprises Scientists (Aug 29, 2000)
Imaging Spacecraft to Study Black Holes (Jul 18, 2000)
Physicist creates a plan to simulate the outer terrain of one of the great, cosmic mysteries San Francisco Chronicle (Jul 17, 2000)
Image Of Black-Hole-Powered Jet Of Particles Captured UniSci (Jul 6, 2000)
Hubble Telescope Captures Cosmic Searchlight (Jul 6, 2000)
Small Quasar Found, Black Hole Suspected (Jun 30, 2000)
Ten more supermassive black holes found by scientists (Jun 6, 2000)
Supermassive Black Holes May Occur In Pairs UniSci (Jun 6, 2000)
Black holes blow as well as suck BBC (Jun 6, 2000)
Hubble spies black hole blowing bubbles CNN (Jun 5, 2000)
Hubble catches feasting black hole blowing bubbles Spaceflight Now (Jun 5, 2000)
Chandra homes in on a black hole BBC (May 26, 2000)

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