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CassBeth Collectible Gifts cyber shop offers Porcelain Limoges Boxes from France. Each piece is entirely hand made, hand painted, signed and numbered by the artist. Each piece comes gift boxed and accompanied by a numbered certificate of authenticity. We are pleased to be able to offer the following collections. If you can't find it here, then drop us an E-Mail and we will search the vaults of CassBeth to find your particular item.

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Limoges From Artoria

Mickey and Disney


The Far West
American Pop (Foods)
Gourmet Foods French Market
Fruits, Shells
Romantic Collection
Mother Goose and Baby
Travel, Sports, Music, Caribbean, The Titanic
Fruits and Vegetables
Garden, Flowers, Spring
Animals, Birds, Farm Animals

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These famous little hinged boxes are made in the beautiful town of Limoges, France. It is located approximately 150 miles South of Paris, which is about a 3 hour drive. They are made from the native soil of the region, which is truely unique soil. It cannot be duplicated nor found anywhere on earth other than Limoges, France.

limoges artoria collectibles

Limoges Caribbean collection.

Limoges Sports Players collection.

limoges artoria collectibles

The Limoges clay, when fired, produces the fine white porcelain known as Limoges. The factories in Limoges started producing these boxes in the mid-eighteenth century. Legend has it that the marquis of Pompadour was the very first patron of the porcelain box. They were purchased as gifts for his lady friends.

limoges artoria collectibles

Limoges Fruits and Shells collection.

Limoges French Market collection.

limoges artoria collectibles

Throughout their early history, the boxes had a variety of uses. Long, narrow ones were containers for scarce and expensive sewing needles. Other boxes held thimbles and embroidered scissors. The most interesting use for the Limoges boxes were as message containers. A young nobleman, seeing a desirable lady across a public room, would send a message by way of a servant, who would carry it concealed in a small Limoges box. The answer would returned in the same way.

limoges artoria collectibles

Limoges The Garden collection.

Limoges Flowers collection.

limoges artoria collectibles

The older examples of Limoges became family heirlooms and were passed through the generations. The modern American interest in Limoges surfaced when former First Lady, Nancy Reagan was interviewed at the White House. Next to her was a table covered with a collection of the beautiful porcelain boxes. The American public became fascinated. The makers in Limoges were inspired to design newer, modern shapes and patterns to meet the demand. Traditional "wallpaper" patterns are still produced, but now they stand side by side with dogs, cars, carousels and other wonderful images.

limoges artoria collectibles

Spring Garden Collection.

Limoges Baby collection.

limoges artoria collectibles

The creation of Limoges porcelain boxes is a laborious and time consuming process involving multiple firings and glazings. The final firing at a temperature of 1400 C is unique to Limoges, giving it a fine white finish.

limoges artoria collectibles

Porcelain Limoges Birds collection.

Porcelain Limoges Animals collection.

limoges artoria collectibles

The painting of the boxes is a cottage industry often accomplished by young women, expert at the fine brush strokes required for such miniature work. No two of the tiny paintings are exactly alike. After painting, there are several more firings. Finally, the metal mountings are meticulously fitted to the finished box. The work is done by hand, so small variations are the norm, the art.


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limoges artoria collectibles

Porcelain Limoges Les Fableries collection.

Porcelain Limoges Farm Animals collection.

limoges artoria collectibles

Limoges is in central France, capital of Haute-Vienne Department, on the Vienne River. Limoges has been famous for its fine porcelain made from nearby deposits of kaolin since the late 18th century. Points of interest include a cathedral (begun 13th century) and a museum of ceramics. The University of Limoges (1808) is here.

limoges artoria collectibles

Walt Disney Licensed Pieces, Mickey Mouse and Minnie Mouse.

More Walt Disney Licensed Pieces Donald Duck, Tigger, Pooh, Figaro, Cleo, Jiminy Cricket and other characters.

limoges artoria collectibles

An ancient community, important in Roman times, Limoges became the seat of the viscounty of Limousin in the 12th century. In the late 16th century, after a long period of destruction by war, plague, and famine, it was made the capital of Limousin Province. Today the population (1990) is about 136,000 people.

limoges artoria collectibles

Porcelain Limoges Jewelry and Mini Bustes.

Porcelain Limoges Mother Goose collection.

limoges artoria collectibles

The journey of porcelean begins in China, finds its way into Germany and England. By the late 12th century, Limoges in France began to replace the Rhenish and Mosan centers of enamel. Limoges continued as a principal center through the Gothic period and the Renaissance into the 17th century. Early Limoges enamel was champlevé influenced by the Rhenish and Mosan styles. In the 15th century Limoges artists painted secular enamel portraits and scenes in a naturalistic style.

limoges artoria collectibles

CassBeth offers a fine selection of Porcelain Limoges dogs. One for every owner.

Porcelain Limoges cat collection

limoges artoria collectibles

Soft-paste porcelain factories had sprung up in France, Italy, and England. Principal among the French factories were St-Cloud, Vincennes, Sevres, Chantilly, and Mennecy-Villeroy. Vincennes and its successor Sevres were under the personal patronage of the kings Louis XIV and Louis XV. Other French porcelain factories were subsidized by lesser nobles. For a time none but the royal factory could make use of gold in decoration.

limoges artoria collectibles

Porcelain Limoges Easter collection

Porcelain Limoges Romantic collection

limoges artoria collectibles

Madame de Pompadour was a patroness of the royal factory. For her the factory created beautiful and naturalistic porcelain flowers mounted on branches of bronze. The magnificent and often ornate creations of the Vincennes and Sevres artisans in soft-paste porcelain reflect the splendor of the French royal court of the rococo period.

limoges artoria collectibles

Porcelain Limoges Travel collection

Porcelain Limoges Titanic

limoges artoria collectibles

The Sevres factory produced hard-paste porcelain beginning in 1769, when the secrets of its manufacture became known in France. The factory continued to turn out soft-paste porcelain until 1800.

limoges artoria collectibles

Porcelain Limoges American Pop (Foods) collection

Porcelain Limoges Gourmet Foods collection

limoges artoria collectibles

Meissen was the preferred European porcelain until about 1756, when Sèvres became increasingly popular. Sèvres, the most celebrated French porcelain, was first produced in Vincennes in 1738. Through the influence of Madame de Pompadour, mistress of King Louis XV, the factory was moved from Vincennes to Sèvres in 1756. Sèvres porcelain is renowned for its richly colored backgrounds and white panels decorated with birds. The production of hard-paste porcelain began in Limoges in 1771, when deposits of kaolin were discovered near that city. In 1784 the Limoges factory became a subsidiary of the royal factory in Sèvres.

limoges artoria collectibles

Porcelain Limoges Fruits and Vegetables collection

Porcelain Limoges Western collection

limoges artoria collectibles

Pierre-Auguste Renoir was born in Limoges France on February 25, 1841. As a child he worked in a porcelain factory in Paris, painting designs on china. He showed artistic talent early and became an apprentice in a porcelain factory when he was 13. There he learned to paint floral patterns on the porcelain. Renoirs' family moved to Paris when he was young.

limoges artoria collectibles

Porcelain Limoges Whimsical collection

Porcelain Limoges Halloween and Thanksgiving collection

limoges artoria collectibles

David Haviland born in Westchester County, New York established a pottery factory at Limoges France in 1842 and produced fine porcelain primarily for export to U.S. In 1864 he admitted his sons, Charles Edward Miller Haviland, born in Manhattan, N.Y., and Theodore Haviland, born in Limoges France as partners. In 1892 Theodore withdrew from the partnership and built his own factory at Limoges, which is still in operation.

limoges artoria collectibles

Porcelain Limoges Christmas collection

Porcelain Limoges Traditional Christmas collection

limoges artoria collectibles

Today, an amazing variety exists. Traditional and modern, some are limited editions signed and numbered. Some contain a tiny surprise painting on the inside, or an additional porcelain piece. Whether they are collectors or own only a few pieces, the owners of Limoges are proud to have these objects of true art.

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